Cyber Security Expert

Our client is a Global Top leader of Secured Messaging Technology Company. They have customers in over 200 countries in financial industry. They are currently looking for a Cyber Security Expert, to monitor and protect their global network.



• Prevent  Cyber Security Incidents by real time monitoring, detection and analysis of potential intrusions in the network infrastructure to ensure appropriate Cyber defense
• Analyze and response to Cyber Threats by using troubleshooting tools and writing scripts to aid in quick analysis to define and apply an appropriate response
• Operate and tune security supporting tools and provide requirements for new tools
• Focus on Security and Threat analytics, threat intelligence and correlated data forensic use cases
• Participate in Complex Real Time Monitoring and Triage activities
• Configure and develop high end data hunting technologies and conduct data hunting analysis
• Contribute input to the design, facilitate in testing the functionality and participate in the operational readiness testing related to projects for data, systems and network security infrastructure management
• Use advanced analytics to create cyber analysis, observations, threat indicators, intelligent insight, and recommended course of action
• Take initiative to explore knowledge of dynamic technologies and make recommendations for enhancement of technologies or policies to the security team



• Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related disciplines
• Around 10 years of experience working in an IP Networks based environment with extensive knowledge in security, intelligence, and threat management
• Experienced in performing packet-level analysis using appropriate tools (e.g. Wireshark, tcpdump, etc.) with knowledge in various networking protocols
• Experience in network and host forensics and development of threat models
• Knowledge of Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and vulnerability assessment capabilities
• Work experience with Scripting languages such as PHP, Perl or Python with comprehensive knowledge of TCP/IP, IPv6, UNIX, Windows, HTTP
• Holder of Ethical Hacker certificate
• Autonomous as well as a good team player and able to adapt in fast paced and multicultural environment
• Strong Communications in both verbal and written English


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