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Case Study: NetApp found a Shortcut to Reduce New Hire’s Learning Curve

21 Aug 2013

Can you imagine being able to identify the shortcut to reduce a new hire's learning curve even before he or she is onboard? NetApp, one of Fortune 500 companies, managed to do so with the aid of W Consulting’s bespoke assessment solutions.

Traditionally, it will take a company 2-3 months after onboarding to better understand the personal characteristics and job competence of their new staff. It is only after that when the company can formulate pertinent development plan to equip the individual to be a better performer. However, as a fast-moving technology company, efficiency is one of the most critical business objectives that NetApp would strive for. Therefore, NetApp has engaged W Consulting to assist them on speeding up the development process of their new hire. Through the use of carefully selected psychometric assessment, W Consulting managed to uncover some unique characteristics of a newly hired manager which were previously unobservable and hard to identify in job interviews. The personal characteristics were then compared against the critical requirements of his new role to identify his potential strengths and development needs. The professional assessment exercise enabled NetApp to grasp the key potentials of their new staff and predict his job performance only at a glance, which in turn facilitate NetApp to set the right targets and the appropriate KPIs to properly motivate this individual to maximize his performance and minimize his learning curve on the job.

Research-based psychometric assessment, being a reliable measurement of individual’s ability and characteristics, can be equally applied to standard hiring procedures.  One critical pre-requisite is that the HR or hiring managers must have good understanding of the designated job role and are capable of identifying the most critical requirements of the role, they will be able to extract useful information from our customized professional consultancy reports, which will ultimately facilitate them in making accurate hiring or development decisions. Our user-friendly and jargon-free reports mean that hiring managers will be able to grasp important job-specific information even without the technical knowledge in psychometrics themselves.

NetApp is a US-based multinational company which provides extensive network storage solutions to help customers around the world manage and retain their data in a more cost effective way. NetApp is a Fortune 500 Company which has also been awarded #6 on FORTUNE Magazine’s "100 Best Companies To Work For" in 2013. For more information about NetApp, please visit their website: