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Case Study: Stromasys S.A. -- Assessment - giving a new dimension of hiring

5 Nov 2012


Stromasys S.A., established in 1998, is the leading supplier of cross-platform virtualization solutions for extending the life cycle of key business critical software application.   It is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, serving thousands of users throughout more than 50 countries.  It is a management buyout of a HP/Compaq (formerly Digital Equipment Corporation) software engineering center, providing high-quality and low-cost software migration services for Digital's Western European subsidiaries, typically projects for large multinational clients.

Recently, Stromasys has partnered with W Consulting to enhance the effectiveness of its hiring process through the use of validated psychometric assessments. With a strong belief in science, Stromasys saw the value of including these scientific tools to their hiring procedure to facilitate the final decision making. Therefore, W Consulting has carefully selected and applied off-the-shelf assessments, but added our value through our customized and user-friendly reports which highlight areas that are most relevant to the job - comparing assessment results against the critical requirements of the specific jobs, and predicting each candidate's future performance in those jobs. As a result, W Consulting success fully provided a new dimension of thinking to Stromasys by uncovering "hidden" areas such as cognitive ability, personal characteristics and work preference, all of which are hard for any hiring manager to spot using typical hiring methods like CV screening and interviewing. This facilitated Stromasys to select a candidate whose later performance has reflected what was predicted in the assessments. The predictive value of the assessments was verified. This is a solid evidence that if hiring quality is to be ensured, a structured selection methodology that combine the multiple use of CV screening, interviewing and psychometric testing is highly recommended.

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